Diamond engagement ring: things you must consider to get the best of it

A Diamond engagement ring is something very precious that a man buys in his life. However, getting right ring itself requires several things to be considered. Let’s have a look on major aspects on which you have to focus while getting a ring for your engagement.

  • Select the shape of the diamond: There are a number of cuts and shapes available in the diamonds. Princess cut, round cut etc. are some most preferred cuts for a Diamond engagement ring. These cuts cost you less as compared to other cuts found in the market. There will be also oval, peer, radiant, cushion, marquise, emerald and heart cut from which you can choose one for your ring.
  • Choose the metal you want: A majority of traditional rings are made up of gold. It is preferred mostly as it affordable, looks classy, durable and requires less maintenance. White gold is also a good option for diamond ring, but requires timely maintenance every few years. People also prefer platinum which is the costliest element in this world. It is unaffordable for a majority of people.
  • Choose a setting for your stone: Setting simply means the way you want your center stone to be fixed on the band. Prong, tension, bar, channel, bezel, cluster, flush etc. are some common setting for a Diamond engagement ring. The setting you will choose should reflects the personality of the one who is going to wear the ring. Prong setting is pretty common and is least expensive option for diamond ring.
  • Consider other settings too: It is totally up to you that you want a solitaire setting or a multi stone setting for your ring. A three stone setting is most common multi stone setting and is perfect for Diamond engagement ring. There are some settings that have small-small diamonds all over the band. However, it is pretty obvious that a multi stone setting will cost you more than a single stone setting because the quantity of diamond is more in multi stone setting. So, just thing about it before taking any decision.
  • Look at the alternatives to diamond: Several ladies prefer good quality and colorful gemstone instead of diamond. Gemstones like ruby, sapphire, and emerald are precious stones that are used in Diamond engagement ring. However, be careful about stones like cubic zirconia and others that do not carry any significant value.