Know about four golden C’s of Diamond before getting Diamond engagement ring

Before buying a Diamond engagement ring, there are a lot of things that you must know about diamonds. This is really an expensive thing that you will buy, so you must educate yourself to get the best deal for your ring. For this purpose, you must know about the four Cs of diamond:

Color: The jewelers grade the diamonds on scale from D to Z mark in which D means colorless and Z means light yellow. Usually, white or colorless diamonds are considered expensive, but sometimes fancy diamonds too are precious and expensive. Anything which gets grade more then D is considered as fancy diamond and are sometimes fetch high prices in the market.

Cut: People are usually confused in getting meaning of two elements: cut and shape. Cut is totally different from the word shape. Cut means the way diamond is facet to enable light to reflect from inside. The more light a diamond reflect the shinier and attractive it becomes, so cut is a necessary element in deciding the cost of diamond. However, cut is something that cannot be evaluated by a layperson, so it is important for the buyer to get a GIA certificate or an AGS certificate that verifies the quality of certain diamond. A premium cut is the best in scale of cut for the diamond.

Clarity: The diamonds normally have small flaws, inclusions, scratches, air bubbles and other minerals inside them. A diamond with less or no inclusions will be highly expensive and a diamond with inclusion seen with naked eyes will cost very less. The clarity scale of diamond have graded to inclusions into flawless, internally flawless, very slight included, slightly included, slightly included, and included. Stone with very slight to flawless clarity are super rare and thus they are incredibly expensive. Usually, a buyer of Diamond engagement ring with normal budget prefers anything from slightly included to very slightly including for his diamond.

Carat: Basically it is used to determine the size weight of the center stone. Size is a major factor that directly affects the cost of certain diamond. You can buy a diamond with less carat weight and with high clarity, good finishing cut and appealing color. Getting a small piece of stone will save you a lot that you can spend on other factors to make your Diamond engagement ring attractive. If you don’t care of budget for your ring, you can choose a little bigger stone for your engagement ring.

Knowing about these four significant elements will help you a lot to get best diamond for your Diamond engagement ring.