What kind of ring does she prefer

In case you are getting engaged and planning to buy a Diamond engagement ring, then there are several things that you have to consider while buying it. Firstly, you must know the exactly what will be preferred by her. A diamond ring is a costly purchase, so you must be sure about the liking of your love. It will be all good for you to know the choice regarding diamond shape, cut, setting design, pave etc. Some prefer diamond eternity band, while others prefer classic ring looking like a solitaire. Some people also like modern patterns of the diamond ring. If you are interested in solitaire, there will be a wide range of options available for you. A Diamond engagement ring is a thing that a person wears for the life time, thus be sure about the style of your ring.

Observing her taste for the jewelry is another important thing that you can do to get a perfect engagement ring. There will be several designs in the market and from them you have to choose only one. So, you must be hundred percent sure about the design. Size of her hand and finger is another thing you have to consider while buying a Diamond engagement ring. Bold style with wide band look’s great in small hand. On the other side, big solitaire with extra shine look’s stunning on big hands. So, all these things matters a lot while choosing an engagement ring.

Only personal preference is not enough to buy a perfect ring for your engagement; there is a lot of homework that you have to do before buying your Diamond engagement ring. You must know about the four Cs basically color, carat, clarity, and cut of diamond. You will find diamonds in different colors especially pink, yellow and blue. Not only white diamonds but also colorful diamonds are precious and fetch high prices. The weight of a certain diamond is measured in terms of carat. In other words, actual mass or weight of the stone is ascertained in carat. Clarity is the shiny appearance and brilliance of the diamond. This precious stone is expensive just because they have incredible brilliance that cannot be found out in any other element present in this world. Thus, clarity is an important characteristic that you must know. Last is the cut of the diamond that gives the shape to the stone. Round cut, princess cut etc. are some common cuts that are preferred in case of Diamond engagement ring.